To receive CE credit, learners will need to:

  • View each video presentation in its entirety
  • Pass the Post-Test with a score of 70% or higher
  • Complete the evaluation
  • Claim the applicable CE credit


Poster: P101 | Leading Fall Prevention by Being a R.A.P.P.E.R.    

Poster: P102 | Leveraging Lean Methodology to Prevent Falls 

Poster: P103 | Behavioral Health Clinical Navigator Promotes Equitable Access to Pediatric Care

Poster: P104 | Collaborative Care Model Increases Patient Access to Mental Health Services

Poster: P105 | Improving Access to Inpatient Care for Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Psychiatry Patients

Poster: P106 | Quality Reporting and Management: Closing the Reporting Gap

Poster: P107 | Harnessing the Power of 40,000: Becoming an Idea-Driven Organization

Poster: P108 | Recipe for Equity: Hospital/Community Partnership Addresses Local Food Insecurity

Poster: P109 | Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections in a Medical Intensive Care Unit

Poster: P110 | An Allied Strategy to Manage Complexity and CAUTI Reduction

Poster: P111 | Interprofessional Leadership and Collaboration Leads to Reduced Pressure Injuries

Poster: P112 | Wombmates to Roommates: Rooming-In to Manage Infant Withdrawal

Poster: P113 | It Takes a Village to Improve Placenta Accreta Outcomes

Poster: P114 | Sustaining Malnutrition Hospital Reimbursement From Dietitian-Led Interventions

Poster: P115 | Urgent Outpatient MRI Program for Neurology Patients Prevents Unnecessary Admissions

Poster: P116 | Four to the Floor: Optimizing ED-to-Floor Patient Flow

Poster: P117 | Time is Not Refundable! Optimizing Cardiac Surgery Patient Throughput

Poster: P118 | Leveraging a Discharge Reception Area to Improve Patient Flow

Poster: P119 | A Journey From Inpatient to Outpatient: Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

Poster: P120 | Care Alignment: Standardizing Clinical Practice To Align With Best Practices

Poster: P121 | Vaccine Tracking and Administration: Real-Time Data Drives Safety and Efficiency

Poster: P123 | Strategies for Creating a Safer Decentralized Pharmacy

Poster: P124 | Capturing All Opportunities: Business Strategies That Drive Pharmacy Growth

Poster: P125 | Physician Preference Partnership Achieves Open Market Approach

Poster: P126 | Concentrating on the ‘5 Rights’ of Clinical Supply Management

Poster: P127 | Mission Possible: Preference Card Optimization for New EMR System

Poster: P128 | Improving Mortality Rates: Cultivating Connections To Understand Key Drivers

Poster: P129 | The Recharge Room: Decompress in a Multisensory, Peaceful Space

Poster: P130 | First Call: A Comprehensive Employee Wellness and Outreach Program

Poster: P131 | Developing an Automated Procedural Scheduling Tool for Ambulatory Gastroenterology Procedures

Poster: P132 | Stepwise Approach Improves Performance Using an INR-Based Metric

Poster: P133 | Optimizing Neurology Inpatient Discharge Documentation

Poster: P134 | Quality and Accountability Performance: An Innovative Health System Approach

Poster: P135 | When All Else Fails Grow Your Own: Nurse Apprentice Program

Poster: P136 | Emergency Department Care Delivery: Paramedics Are the Wave of the Future

Poster: P137 | A Diverse Nursing Workforce Supports Our Care Delivery Mission

Poster: P138 | Partnership-Driven Transformation: Strategies for Nursing/Clinical Workforce Stabilization

Poster: P139 | Telenutrition: Enhanced Use of Remote Services Before and During COVID-19

Poster: P140 | Creating and Executing Tactics Within a Workplace Violence Prevention Portfolio

Poster: P141 | Digital Intervention Increases Annual Wellness Visit Scheduling by 10%

Poster: P142 | Personalized Service Line Mobile Application Kickstarts Clinical Documentation

Poster: P143 | New Partnerships and Data Standardization Reduce PSI

Poster: P144 | Using Smart Technology to Manage Heart Failure

Poster: P145 | Using Quality To Drive Cost/Case in Surgical DRGs

Poster: P146 | Reducing Mortality Index at a Level 1 Trauma Center

Poster: P148 | Expected Mortality Takes Two to Tango: Documentation and Coding

Poster: P150 | Standardized, Multidisciplinary Rounds Reduce Length of Stay Index

Poster: P151 | EMR Advisories Identify and Seamlessly Refer Patients to Transplant Program

Poster: P152 | Implementing Environmentally Sustainable Practices in an Outpatient Oncology Clinic

Poster: P153 | From Good to Gold: Medical Emergency Response Process Improvement

Poster: P154 | Avoiding PSI and HACRP Penalties is a Team Sport

Poster: P155 | Life After Death: Use of a Mortality Screening App

Poster: P156 | Putting Heart Into Heart Failure: Impacting Value With Care Delivery

Poster: P157 | A Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Project Improves Inpatient Stroke Rate Accuracy

Poster: P158 | Severe Maternal Hypertension and Preeclampsia: A Roadmap to Improvement

Poster: P159 | Proof in the (Sugar-Free) Pudding: Implementing Computerized Insulin Drip Management

Poster: P160 | Organizing and Communicating Product Disruptions in a Post-Pandemic World

Poster: P161 | Doubling Down on Recalls and Defects