Accessing the Vizient EthosCE Portal
Logging Your Attendance Via SMS Text Message
Completing the Session Evaluations
Accessing your CE Certificate
Questions/Technical Support


Accessing the Vizient EthosCE Portal
A: The Vizient EthosCE portal is compatible with most modern web browsers (such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari). Note: The EthosCE portal can also be accessed with mobile devices.
To access the site:
1.    Launch your preferred web browser.
3.    Go to the upper right corner of the screen and click “Log In”.
4.    Enter your Vizient single sign-on credentials (email and password) to log in.


A: A Vizient login account is required to create a user account in Vizient’s EthosCE Portal.
If you need to obtain a Vizient login account, please contact Vizient Support:
Phone: (800) 842-5146


A: If you have forgotten your password and cannot access the Vizient EthosCE portal, please contact Vizient Support.
Ways to Contact Vizient Support
Web: Go to:  and select “Need Help Signing In”
Phone: (800) 842-5146


A: If you see a yellow warning box telling you to complete your profile, that means your learner profile is incomplete.
To update your profile, please follow these steps:  
  1. Visit the following link to access your learner profile:
  2. Complete all required fields (marked with a red asterisk).
  3. Clinical discipline: To receive the correct credit type, clinical health professionals should select the appropriate clinical discipline type.
  • A registered nurse, for example, would select 'nurse' as their discipline type. If that nurse is also a certified healthcare quality professional, this can be selected in the specialty area.  
  • A pharmacist, for example, would select ‘pharmacist’ as their discipline type, and if they hold the FACHE credential, they will select ACHE in the specialty area.
  1. You may be required to provide additional information such as your license number or date of birth, depending on your discipline. 


Logging Your Attendance Via SMS Text Message
A: A unique code will be announced at the conclusion of the session.
  1. Open the text messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Text the session code to (469) 599-2398. Recommendation: Save this number to your phone's contact list for future attendance tracking.
  3. The session will be added to your "Pending Activities" tab.


A: Follow the steps below to add your mobile number:
  1. Visit
  2. Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number (excluding any dashes, parentheses, or spaces) Do not exit this page!
  3. Click Confirm Number”.


A: Follow the steps below to troubleshoot:
  1. Verify that your mobile number has been added to your EthosCE Learner Profile
  2. Check with a Summit Delegate to ensure that you have the correct code.
  3. If you have verified that your number has been added and you are using the correct code, please send an email to


A: You can text the session code to record your attendance until 11pm ET on September 29th. The text code will not be accepted after this date. It is highly recommended that you text your code immediately following the session to ensure your attendance is captured.


A: No, in-person attendance for each session can only be verified via SMS text messaging. Attendance is required to claim credit so be sure to add your mobile phone!


Completing the Session Evaluations
A: Yes. Once your attendance in a session has been recorded, you will need to complete the session evaluation to receive CE Credit.


A: You can access session evaluations for which you sent a unique code via SMS text message via the “Pending Activities” tab in your learner account.


Accessing your CE Certificate
A: To access and download a CE certificate for a single session or a transcript listing all CE credits earned:
2. Click on the "Completed Activities" tab to view completed activities, including CE credits earned, and a link to download a single activity certificate or a transcript listing all CE credits earned.
3. In the event you are unable to find a session listed under your "Completed Activities" tab, please check your "Pending Activities" tab to ensure that you have not missed any required steps.


A: Upon closing of the online evaluation, Vizient will report your CE credits directly to CPE monitor within 60 days.
Please note:
  • After the Summit close date, Vizient will no longer be able to report credit(s) to CPE monitor.
  • It is the responsibility of the pharmacist or pharmacy technician to ensure that your Vizient CE Learner Profile has the correct NABP e-profile ID and DOB (in MMDD format) to receive credit for participating in the activity.
  • To track the status of the submission of your credits to NABP: please check the Reported Credit Tab in your Vizient CE account.
  • To verify your credits were successfully submitted to NABP before the deadline: please check your NABP e-Profile account.
  • For all other questions regarding your NABP e-Profile or CPE Monitor, please contact NABP directly.


Questions/Technical Support
A: For assistance with the credit claim process, please send an email to


A: For assistance with login issues, contact Vizient Support: