Single Point Sessions

Providing access to 10 different wellbeing interventions allows the participants to self-identify their most challenging burnout conditions and participate in key activities that address those areas. Each wellbeing intervention provides a baseline assessment of burnout, and each tool provides guided usage of each intervention for prescribed periods of time. Upon completion of each tool, a post assessment is offered to the participant in a confidential manner, and they can see their progress across the continuum.

This one-hour lesson offers the participant an overview of all 10 interventions and the basic rationales and actions that promote wellbeing using key activities. Each activity is optional, and the participant can elect to utilize one or more of them at a personal level.


Leadership Learning Series

We offer 10 interactive sessions for high reliability, which help participants identify essential leadership skills, activities, and behaviors required to bring about cultural, knowledge, learning system, and leadership changes using the Framework for High Reliability Healthcare.

Each session provides baseline high reliability knowledge, recommended tools and interventions to improve teamwork, work setting environment, knowledge creation using data and transparency, building capacity and capability for improvement, supported by effective high reliability leadership skills, activities, and behaviors.

Each session begins with shared reflection on the previous session and ends with homework to test tools and interventions with the expectation to report testing experience back in the following session.