The Bonus Power Huddles sessions feature 14 additional On Demand presentations. You may complete each session at your own pace. The system saves your work so you can return to complete the presentation at any time before the September 21, 2023, course expiration date.

To receive CE credit, learners will need to:

  • View each video presentation in its entirety
  • Pass the Post-Test with a score of 70% or higher
  • Complete the evaluation
  • Claim the applicable CE credit


2022 Stronger - PH401 - Decreasing 30-day Readmissions for Pleural Effusions Post-Lung Transplant - On Demand

2022 Stronger - PH402 - The Path to Peak Performance: Achieving National Orthopedics Recognition

2022 Stronger - PH403 - Reducing Unplanned Extubations in the NICU

2022 Stronger - PH405 - Putting the Backbone in Our Spine Program

2022 Stronger - PH406 - Implementation of a Pharmacy-Driven COPD Transition of Care Service

2022 Stronger - PH407 - Before Rowing, Get in the Boat:  Lowering NSTVL C-Section Rates

2022 Stronger - PH408 - Ready, Set, Go! Preparing Practice-Ready Nurses

2022 Stronger - PH409 - Utilizing a Predictive Model to Prevent Readmissions

2022 Stronger - PH410 - Bundled Interventions: The Answer to High Resource Utilization?

2022 Stronger - PH412 - Quality, Documentation and Coding Collaborate to Reduce Patient Safety Indicators

2022 Stronger - PH413 - Optimizing the Video Visit Experience to Drive Outcomes and Value

2022 Stronger - PH414 - Aligning Spine: Access, Triage and Navigation at Penn Medicine

2022 Stronger - PH415 - Reducing Sugammadex Usage: Optimization of Use Criteria and Outcomes Evaluation 

2022 Stronger - PH416 - Leveraging Clinical Databases for Reports That Work!