Guidelines for post-tests

Develop 5 posttest questions as part of the learning assessment.

Questions address the content presented and align with the learning objectives.

Two (2) questions may be ‘True or False’ type questions.

Three (3) questions must be multiple-choice questions.

  • Provide 4 answer options: one (1) correct option and three (3) plausible but incorrect options.

Indicate the ‘key’-the correct answer.

  • Answers to all questions must be found within the educational content.

Do not use:

  • Multiple correct answers options (e.g., “Both a and c are correct”).
  • “All of the above” or “None of the above” answer options.

Do not ask a negative or by exception (questions that identify all options as correct, “Except” for one).

Create questions reflective of content covered within the education.

Present a single, clearly defined question.

Avoid the use of proper nouns; use gender neutral language.

Vary the placement of the correct answer option.

The length of text in the question stem should be longer than the text of the answers

Answer options should be consistent in length, and do not have to be exact same length. Use 2-and-2 rule: two options are similar in length, and the other two are similar in length.

Pay attention to grammar – use responses that are the same throughout, e.g., use the same verb tense, use first person language.