Thank you for registering for this accredited CE activity. To ensure that you receive CE credit, please review this document for detailed information on updating your learner account.
How Does this Work?
  • At the conclusion of the activity, a unique activity code will be announced. 
  • You will have the option of verifying your attendance and claiming CE credit using your mobile phone to text the activity code or by scanning the QR code to access the online link.
  • Upon verifying your attendance, you will receive a confirmation message with the link to access the evaluation. You may also access the evaluation through the “Pending Activities Tab” of your Vizient CE Portal learner account. 
  • You must complete the evaluation prior to the course expiration date.
  • Once the evaluation has been completed, the system will display the type of credit associated with your specific discipline (Nursing, Pharmacy, Physician) or specialty certification (ACHE, CPHQ), along with a link to download your CE certificate. 
Getting Started
You must have an active Vizient CE Portal learner account with a registered mobile number in order to receive CE credit. Before participating in the activity, we strongly recommend you update your learner account and register your mobile phone number.  
To update your learner account and register your mobile number, please follow these steps: 
  • Sign in using your Vizient login credentials. If you do not have a Vizient login, please contact Vizient Support.
  • Complete all required profile fields (marked with an asterisk). 
  • Select the "Mobile" tab. 
  • Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number (without dashes, parentheses, or spaces).
  • Select the "Save" button.
CE Credit
Contact Vizient CE at if you have questions or need assistance with the credit claim process.
Login Issues
For assistance with login issues, please contact Vizient Support: