Live Course - a live activity where the learner participates in real time and is planned as an individual event. A live course can either be delivered as an in-person event or live-streamed via an online platform.
  • Examples:  an annual meeting, one-off conference, or seminar

Enduring Material - an on-demand activity that does not have a specific time or location designated for participation; rather, the participant determines whether and when to complete the activity. The content can be accessed at any point during the lifespan of the activity and there is no specific time designated for participation.
  • Examples: online interactive educational modules, recorded presentations, printed materials, and podcasts

Other Blended Learning – activities that include hybrid, new, or unique approaches that do not fall into one of the established activity types.
  • Examples: simulation, adaptive e-learning, virtual reality, gamification, and social media into their medical education approaches