Topic Number



Topic 01

Disease State Management/

Drug Therapy

Activities that address drugs, drug therapy, and/or disease states. 

Topic 02

HIV/AIDS Therapy

Activities that address therapeutic, legal, social, ethical, or psychological issues related to the understanding and treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS.

Topic 03


Activities that address federal, state, or local laws and/or regulations affecting the practice of pharmacy. 

Topic 04

Pharmacy Administration

Activities that address topics relevant to the practice of pharmacy that include the economic, social, administrative and managerial aspects of pharmacy practice and health care. 

Topic 05

Patient Safety

Activities that address topics relevant to the prevention of healthcare errors and the elimination or mitigation of patient injury caused by healthcare errors. 

Topic 06


Activities related to the provision of immunizations, i.e., recommend immunization schedules, administration procedures, proper storage and disposal, and record keeping. This also includes review for appropriateness or contraindication and identifying and reporting adverse drug events and providing necessary first aid. 

Topic 07


Activities related to sterile, nonsterile, and hazardous drug compounding for humans and animals. This includes best practices and USP quality assurance standards, environmental testing and control, record keeping, error detection and reporting, and continuous quality improvement processes. 

Topic 08

Pain Management/Opioids

Activities that address any component regarding the treatment and management of pain, including the prescribing, distribution and use of opioid medications, and/or the risks, symptoms, and treatment of opioid misuse/addiction. 

Topic 99

Additional Topic Areas

Activities related to topics relevant to the practice of pharmacy not included in the classifications of the topic designators 01-08.