Thank you for your interest in planning an accredited Continuing Education activity with Vizient’s CE Program. 
As an accredited provider of continuing education (CE) Vizient is dedicated to ensuring that all educational content serves the needs of patients and the public, is presented accurately, balanced, with scientifically justified recommendations, supports safe and effective patient care, and creates a clear, unbridgeable separation between accredited continuing education and marketing and sales.
To ensure your proposed CE activity meets all the necessary requirements for accreditation, Vizient’s CE team must be integrally involved in the planning and implementation of the accredited CE activity. 
If you have not participated in planning a CE activity with Vizient CE, please contact our CE team at

Timelines and Instructions

Step 1: Complete The Request for CE Credit

  • This form must be completed prior to the start of the planning of your CE activity. It can be completed at any time, as far in advance as possible, before the planning of your activity begins.
Multi-Day Activities: Minimum 60 days before the activity start date.
Single-Day Activities: Minimum 45 days before the activity start date.
  • Selecting the “Save Draft” button allows you to save the information and return to edit it at a later time without losing your progress.

Step 2: Complete/Update the Disclosure of Financial Relationships Form

  • Upon submitting the Request for CE Credit, you will receive an automated email confirming receipt and instructions to complete/update the Disclosure of Financial Relationships Form.
  • The Disclosure of Financial Relationships Form will also be emailed to planners identified in the Request for CE Credit form.
  • It is important to note that all Disclosure of Financial Relationships Forms must be completed by all planners prior to planning activities.

Review of Request for CE Credit and Disclosure of Financial Relationships Form

  • The CE team will review The Request for CE Credit, Disclosure forms and any supplementary documentation.
  • The review of The Request for CE Credit will not begin until all forms including disclosure forms for course director(s) and planning committee members/staff have been submitted.
  • The CE team determines whether a relevant financial relationship exists and if a mitigation strategy is required.
  • The Course Director(s) and any coordinators listed on The Request for CE Credit will be contacted via email if additional information is needed, mitigation is required or regarding the decision to proceed with planning the CE activity.

Step 3: Complete the Continuing Education Planning Form

  • If the proposed activity is eligible to proceed with planning, the Course Director(s) and any coordinator listed on The Request for CE Credit will receive an email containing the link to the CE Planning Form.
  • Please note that the CE Planning Form requires that you complete very detailed information about your proposed activity. The following resources are available to assist you while completing the CE Planning Form.